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Hello, I'm Haricha. I like to draw, and am learning Korean~ 아자아자~~! ^^

한국 인디 음악을 들으면서 그림을 그리기 좋아하고 있어요~
tagged:  #tablo  #Epik High
tagged:  #Epik High  #tablo  #dj tukutz  #mithra

Fans shouldn’t become critics.

Mithra : because fans are fans.
Tablo: their roles are different.
Dj Tukutz: i think the role of the listener is to catch the meaning of the song. I think that is the extent of their role.
Tablo: they shouldn’t analyse it. When you’re listening to music, you should just listen.
There are those who think listening is creating.Those people are useless

- (via blonotes)
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tagged:  #tablo  #epik high
tagged:  #Epik High  #tablo
" This world today is all about copying each other. There’s nothing new and inventive.Everything is pretty much the same.
But you don’t have to reject that.
You don’t have to argue with it.
You don’t have to hate the trend.
Just accept it, and find your own colour within it, and that is how you can can develop further.
We’re trying to convey something like that. "
- Tablo (about Wannabe)
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" Even true love is nothing but a game.
No prize for second place, you lose you go insane. "
- Tablo ( Lovestrong- MYK)
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Lovestrong by MYK feat. Tablo is kind of a perfect song!

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ALBUM: SaltnPepper
TRACK: Lovestong feat. Tablo
PLAYS: 1,461

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Lovestrong | MYK feat. Tablo

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tagged:  #Epik High  #tablo
tagged:  #tablo